Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The chair...

It's been another amazing couple of days. We got to meet with some incredible people again yesterday. They brought Hannah a new chair. I'll post pictures. The boys got to meet the people that blessed them so much this year. It was just another incredible day.

Kyle and I went to get the girlfriend last night so she'd be here to celebrate his birthday. I can't believe my baby will be 18 tomorrow. They grow up so FAST!

This morning Hannah and I ran some errands. I had a great time letting her choose items and put them in the basket. When we got to the check out Hannah said, "hello mam, how are you?" I was so excited. I know the checker thought I was nuts. Then she said to the man carrying out our groceries, "hello mam, how are you?" So funny!

Other than a cold Hannah's been well this holiday and we are so very thankful! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

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