Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shorts and brownies

Hannah's cold is getting a little better everyday. It's certainly not slowing her down. The kids got a gift card to JCPenney from both of David's aunts so I took them to spend them yesterday. Hannah announced as we entered the store that she wanted some shorts. This girl LOVES her shorts. I said, "Hannah sweetie. It's winter time. We can't buy shorts in the winter." I really didn't think there would be any so I wasn't too worried about it. We began looking at all the pretty clothes and lo and behold she found some shorts, took them off the rack and announced, "me some shorts." I blew it off and put them back on the rack and continued looking. She took them off again. I put them back on the rack. Finally for a third time she got them off the rack and said, "me some shorts!" How could I not let her get them!?!?! They really are quite cute. They are bermuda with sequins and a peace sign on them. She had to wear them the minute we got in the door. I was so excited to see her showing interest and preference for something. I'm sure we'll have some battles in coming days but I'm even looking forward to that. LOL!

This morning Hannah and I baked some brownies and took them down to the pharmacy where we get her prescriptions filled. She told them Merry Christmas and they were thrilled to see her. She was so excited to take them some "cake".

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve. My guys want Thanksgiving for Christmas so I purchased a turkey breast, ham, and things to make some dressing yesterday. Kyle asked for a cheese cake today so I may try my hand at that or I may just purchase one. LOL!

This has been the most stress free Christmas I think I have ever experienced. It's an amazing feeling and we are so thankful. David will be home for the next 5 days and we are all so glad. We love having him home. I know he's ready for the break too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I can't wait to get to tell y'all about ours. I'm going to take plenty of pictures!

God Bless!

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