Thursday, December 3, 2009


Every year I set myself up to not be disappointed in Hannah's lack of interest in Christmas. I've caught myself making comments about how she could care less if she got anything and that I could give her a sack of beads and she'd be happy. Shame on me, I know. OMG...she is so interested. I can't wait to get out our decorations and put them out now. Of course she probably won't stay out of them but I don't care. We found a blown up santa on Craig street and I had to drive by it twice on the way home so she could see the santa. Someone bought her a pair of reindeer PJ's and she is wanting to wear them. I'm happily obliging since the only other pj's she'll wear are shorts. She also is really fascinated with gifts right now and exclaims loudly "oooooo and ahhhh's". I'm so happy today that she is excited about the things happening around her. This is going to be a wonderful Christmas I think. I want her to have the best time ever since she will be going in the hospital on the 4th of Jan.

Thank you for your continued prayers! Love all of you and hope you are having a Merry holiday season. Remember the reason for the season! :)

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