Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not feeling well...

This morning started out pretty good. Hannah started having absense seizures at school and then Koolio barked and growled at school so I went up to check things out. It ended up being the wind blowing the underpinning on the portable building the class is in, I think. Hannah ended up doing better after a bit. We think she may be having some low blood sugar issues because she refuses to eat breakfast. We're working on a solution. Then I left for my appt and got my bandages changed. On the way home from that I got very sick to my stomach, etc. I'm praying it's a stomach virus and not anything wrong with my line. I see the doctor tomorrow to see what the next steps are and I'm praying HARD that the next step is to remove the picc line. I want to cook Christmas dinner for my guys! Thank you for your continued prayers guys! They are needed and very appreciated.

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