Monday, December 14, 2009

Koolio's sick :(

Koolio has a very bad upset stomach. I'm worried and if he's still not good in the morning we'll have to go to the vet.

David had a meeting at the Mav's game tonight. The boys and I are jealous. LOL! I hope he has a good time. He deserves it.

Hannah has had a really good day and I'm hoping it continues to the night. She's been worried about Koolio. She's been giggly too though. The girls a hoot! She took her shoes and socks off in the van on the way home and said, "Ms Hannah, shoes and socks girl!" Then said, "Mean Teacher!" I had to text her teacher and tell her. It was so funny.

I did not get much of anything accomplished today. I am feeling better and I'm trusting the doctor that I am going to continue to get better and better like he said I would.

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His Poem said...

I'll pray for Koolio, too!