Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy Busy week...

Man, this has been a BUSY week. I feel like I've just ran around here and there and done absolutely nothing too. CRAZY! This week has been a blast though. Hannah has been a hoot. On Tuesday I sat down beside her in the cafeteria when I dropped her off and she "snubbed" me. I asked her teachers if they saw that. Then she scooted over next to me and asked me for a big hug and then she said, "I'm being kind!" LOL! Yesterday she told her teacher that life was dangerous. Don't ask me. I have no idea where that came from. Today she had her parties at school. She had a great time and enjoyed the mini cupcakes immensely. She made a paper chain at school for her class tree and got to bring it home today. I was busy and walked by our tree and there it was on it. She had opened her backpack and got it out and put it right on our tree. I LOVE IT! I'm so excited about her interest in things this year.

Koolio started the week out sick but has seemingly recovered. I'm so glad. I felt so bad for him.

I can't believe that this time next week we will be readying for Christmas day. The boys want me to cook Thanksgiving for Christmas. Aunt Christy did a great job on Thanksgiving but they didn't have left overs so they didn't get enough. LOL!

I'm excited about the holiday's and that is greatly due to all of you. I know the reason for the season but this year I have experienced the reason for the season. I will never forget Christmas 2009. Thank you!

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