Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Autism kind of day...

Today has been an autism kind of day. Lots of meltdowns. Koolio has worked overtime today. I'm a little nervous because sometimes these kinds of days lead to a really bad seizure episode. So far only absenses thankfully. I'm praying things settle down and Hannah has a good night.

I'm feeling really fatigued today. I should finish my treatments this week and will talk with the doctor about blood work results, and if the treatments worked plus future management of symptoms. Please pray I'm in the 70% that has successful results.

We put up our new Christmas tree yesterday. I keep saying we've been visited by angels and we really have been and continue to be. I hope to get to share the whole story after the holiday's but until then you will have to put up with my partials. We threw out our tree last year because it just needed to be replaced. Our medical expenses have been and continue to be unreal. There is just no "extra" funds. A group of teachers from Kerr Elementary in Allen heard about Hannah and our situation and they purchased us an amazing Christmas tree. The kids were so excited when we put it up yesterday. I'm going to post pictures soon. My camera batteries went dead yesterday and I haven't been to the store yet but as soon as I can I will post the pictures for y'all to see. Silent prayers have been answered in this household. It's amazing and we're praising God!

Hannah goes to the epileptologist on the 21st and he'll fill me in on what to expect when we go in on the 4th for her hospitalization. While we are there they will do some other metabolic testing. We're trying to just live in the moment and trust God to get us through whatever happens. Your prayers help so much. Thank you!

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