Tuesday, January 5, 2010

this and that

Sunday turned out to be a CRAZY kind of day. I was supposed to take Kyle's girlfriend home but Hannah was up all night coughing and I was feeling bad too. Then David was going to take her home and his server crashed so he had to go into work and work all night and all day Monday. So Kyle, Hannah, and I took her home yesterday instead. That drive is to LONG. LOL! Hannah did better than I thought she would on the drive but was VERY ready to be home. Thankfully she had new toys to play with.

Everyone goes back to school today. I already miss the toots. Hannah didn't want to get up at all. She was comfortably cuddled in her Sponge Bob cover.

It appears Hannah got a new principal. I was totally surprised and had no idea. I'll miss Ms. Duncan. She was amazing and so great with the kids. The new principal's name is Mr. King. I met him this morning.

Pray for us as we endeavor to work more on development/quality of life with Hannah. She was potty trained at one time but after severe seizures just lost it all. Lately she's been showing signs of readiness again so we are going to give it a shot. We're so ready for less pull up use. That'll save us around $100+ a month right there.

Her teachers are going to start working more one on one with her in a less distracting area of the room so we can build on skills she possesses but hasn't mastered.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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