Saturday, January 16, 2010

lung issues

We still need a miracle. No changes. Now she's having an episode
with her lungs and she's not breathing much on her own. Her pupils
are sluggish. She hasn't moved today. Thinking maybe too much
sedation but just don't know. I had a prayer meeting in the shower
while ago.

The song..."who's report will you believe" just keeps going through my head". I know God is in control and his will is perfect. I continue to put my trust in Him. Continue praying for a miracle please. I'd give anything to hear that voice and see those eyes right now.


Anonymous said...

Hannah girl, There is so much to be done and we need your immediate help! So get well and return to school:) We love you so very much!!

Anonymous said...

i'm praying for you baby girl and praying for your family we know that it's all in GOD'S hand...Love you...Ms.Lewis