Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Koolio

Today is Koolio's birthday. He is 2 today. Wish his girl was here to celebrate with him. She'd love singing Happy Birthday and giving him extra treats. We'd have planned a grand celebration the two of us! Happy birthday Kool man! Momma loves ya and am so thankful for all you did for your girl!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Ms. Read

Nadja and Allen said...

Happy Birthday,Koolio! Your little girl,Hannah, is smiling down on you and loving you always.
Nadja and Allen

Nike said...

Hey there Koolio i know you had the best birthday you could under the circumstances. Always remember Hannah loved you, was so proud of you and you helped her to be complete. But also know you make all of us proud to be our humans" best friends. By the way I want ya to lnow I have an extra spoon if you ever feel the need - know what I mean? Anyway, my new friend, so glad you celebrated with your momma, daddy and those awesome brothers.

Happy birthday, we have love ya and you are truly a part of "the hood," now - Nike (or as your momma says - the
princess of the hood. (please tell your momma I love it!!)
gotta get my kong back in my mouth so I will say again happy birtday and the many more to come. Love Nike.

FrankNApril said...

I don't know you and I am not sure who's blog I was on but I did click yours from theirs.
Anyhow, I am really sorry for your loss.
What a sweet girl, so beautiful!
My son Anthony passed away 15 years ago. He would of been 18 this year.
I can only tell you that the sadness will ease up but never go away.
Just try your hardest not to fall into a deep dark depression. Easily you can and may at times but just find a way out. I know the road ahead is very bumpy:)
You got to be strong and be prepared and just keep going girl! God is with you and your family. He love's you very much. I know your daughter and my son are in much better places than we are. Never the less your heart will still miss her and ache. I know but she wants you to be happy now, she is happy now. Smile and know you are loved and she will always be watching over you. Big hugs- Love April

Marcey said...

April, Thank you for sharing with me and for taking the time to encourage me. It's really appreciated.

And thanks everyone for the wonderful Koolio BD wishes. He had a pretty good day I think. Still misses his girl though.