Sunday, March 7, 2010

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I will be blogging about things unrelated to Hannah on I'm feeling the need to go back to blogging on the chapmanliving site I created back in 2005. It's more of a general family blog. So those of you who are following, you may want to check chapmanliving out. I am planning to keep up Hannah's blog to some extent. I know there are things that will be Hannah related happening.

If y'all would please help me pray about something I'd appreciate it. I was contacted about an amazing opportunity to share Hannah's impact on my life. The program is called Chris Fabry live and it's an incredible radio program. I do not have any information on it and it's not a for sure thing. Mr. Fabry just contacted me and asked me to think/pray about it and he'd keep in touch. I'm asking God to order my steps and want anything I say or do to honor Hannah and glorify Him.

I miss my girl everyday. I miss her so much sometimes it's hard to breath. My friend's grandson; Javan, asked me yesterday if I still missed Hannah. I told him, "yes, I do". He said, "I do too." I couldn't help but remember the last time she saw him. He put her in his wagon and he pulled her all over the yard. She LOVED it and I think he enjoyed it too.Today I was cleaning and I found a hair tie that had quite a bit of her hair on it. I just rubbed my fingers across that hair over and over and longed to kiss that sweet head. I found pictures of her that we haven't put in an album yet and it made me long for that wonderful giggle and beautiful smile. I don't believe I'll ever stop longing for her. Still even though I miss her I find myself so very proud of her for the life she lived despite the odds. I look back at those NICU pictures and remember she only had a 50/50 chance of survival and she made it nearly 9 years. I can't help but thank God for giving me 9 years with my Hannah. I will forever be grateful for the time we had. Forever.

My friend Vicki had this bracelet made for me. It's a memorial bracelet. The picture doesn't do it justice but the bracelet is so perfect. It has Hannah's name and her birth date, etc. I'll attach a picture.

Thanks so much for everything. Especially all the prayers and support. We need them so much.

God Bless!


Sally G said...

Marcey, it's beautiful, and this just makes me cry, knowing Vicki, knowing what I know of Javan, and knowing you and Hannah. You blessed me again tonight.

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