Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little Injun

This has been a week of my realizing how impatient I am and how other people do care and do want to help, and my letting them. Hannah has been sick for almost two weeks. She is doing better but she's still not 100%. Hannah's school staff is amazing. From her teachers to the administrators and I realized once again how what they do is so much more than a job. They care and want to help.

God has consistently placed people in our life that have offered a helping hand when it is needed. I'm so in awe at the people who are allowing themselves to be used to meet the needs of my family. This has been a week of us being visited by angels, and I hope I never forget the lessons I learned. Letting people help is not easy for me. I'm painfully independent. I'm learning though and will continue to learn as long as God wants to teach me.

Koolio starts school on Monday. We'll start training the staff on Monday. He'll be VERY ready to go to school. He has been so sad when Hannah leaves in the mornings.

I was at school a lot this week and one of the days Hannah made this hat. I had to grab a photo. So cute! My little injun...

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