Saturday, October 31, 2009


After much prayer, research and counseling we opted for Hannah to get the H1N1. She got both it and the seasonal flu shot yesterday. I held my breath most of the night praying she'd not have any seizures. We gave her a klonopin when she went to bed just to have some added coverage. So far she's done fine. I just never know what to do...if she gets the shot, people could be right and it'll cause all kinds of problems. If she doesn't and gets H1N1 then it's very likely to seriously affect her because it's known to reak havoc on kids with health problems, etc. We just felt like our chances were better with the shot than without it.

Hannah's doing fine. She has a little bit of a cough but it seems to be allergy related. Her schools fall festival is today and I'd love to be able to take her. Hoping she gets to go.

Koolio has not been going to school with her but will be soon. Just some details to work out and he'll be with his girl again. She's going to be so glad to have her buddy with her. They are really bonding well. He's starting to seek her out more and more. He's definately a family dog to though. He loves his daddy and his brothers. LOL!

I was diagnosed with CFS and treatments are ordered. It may be a while before I can do them but when I can, I will. Thanks for praying for me and please continue to.

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