Friday, October 17, 2008


Hannah seems to be doing alright on the Keppra. No behavioral or emotional outbursts. She seems herself pretty much. Everyday she gets a little more back to herself. She didn't go back to school this week. I kept her with me to see how she did on the new med. I did take her for 2 hours yesterday and the school let me stay with her. She really enjoys school. She went for 3 hours today and I stayed with her again. If we get through the weekend without any issues she'll return on Monday as usual. She sees her neuro on the 23rd and the geneticist on the 27th. Please continue to pray for her. She's a trooper but her little body needs some time to heal. Her skin is a mess from all the tape that has been pulled off her. I've got to where I just let it wear off because I feel so bad rubbing at it. We've tried everything to get it off and it comes off some, but not all the way. Anyway, she just really needs a break.

I am going to see a gasto on the 30th. It looks like I may have gallbladder issues. I've been experiencing horrible pain since June. I had my yearly the other day and everything checked out o.k. and my MD feels like my symptoms are gallbladder related. So, I'm staying away from fatty foods and hoping I can put off any kind of surg. until I get Hannah straighted out. I know it's not a big deal, but I've just got alot on my plate right now. I'm kind of dog piled.

Didn't mean to make this post about me. I got a letter today from 4paws asking more questions about our family and Hannah's interaction with dogs. Well, Hannah hasn't been around dogs so I will have to find one that we can use for a few hours that is kind of calm and kid friendly. If any of you have one like that and wouldn't mind letting us come by or bringin it over, I'd appreciate it. We need to video her with the dog too. Any size dog will be fine.

I apologize for my brain dead posting lately. I haven't even tried to make it "correct".

Thanks for all you do!

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