Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 4 paws class gets their dogs...

Hi all! I got permission to post some of the letters and pictures that the September class got telling them who their dog is. A few weeks before we go to training is when we find out which dog is ours. They do not tell you until then because they do not want something to happen that would change the dog you are getting, and you've already attached yourself to the dog. They send an email from the dog to your child telling them about themselves and attach a picture. Here are some of the ones the September class got.


My name is Aljax and my best friend in the whole world was Karen but now it is you though I will always love Karen. She saved me when I was a puppy. I lived for a while with a boy named Matthew but he always wanted a Chihuahua size dog and me, well I am not even close to that size LOL Actually I am quite large! I hope that is okay with you. I am the cutes dog ever! At least that is what Karen tells me every day. I am a master tracker with loads of experience! I can't wait to meet you. I am just so excited. It will be so good to be with a boy again and I know you will love me even though I am big, right? Can I sleep with you and be your best friend? Hurry and get here my best buddy Tristan, I am waiting for you! xoxo Ajax

Hello Buddy! My name is Barley. I was named after a very special golden retriever named Barley. Karen and Jeremy rescued him from the shelter and he was the coolest dog. Unfortunately he died 2 days later from a deadly virus they had at the shelter. Everyone at 4 paws was devastated. He was such a cool dude and I am honored to carry on his name and walk in his footsteps. My Mom is a Golden Retriever named Opal. I also live to honor her. She died of Cancer last year so I guess I have a couple of angels watching out for me and I plan to make them proud by being the best service dog to ever walk the earth. I feel like I know you already because they told me so much about you. I am so excited you are coming to meet me! I can't wait to go home with you and snuggle with you in your bed at night. Do you like to play ball and do you like hot dogs? Do you like to smell grass and flowers and things? I bet there are lots of things we can do together! Now I am really excited. I will try not to smell all the blades of grass in the playground so we can smell them together I mean just think how much fun that would be :0) XOXO Barley

Hello Katie

I have been so worried about you! Everyone says you are back home now and all is safe and sound that is so good to hear! I am sorry you have so much clean up to do.If I was there I could help you pick up all the sticks in the yard. I love to do that. I have been working very hard learning your scent from the shirts you wear so I will know you as soon as I meet you! I want to do my very best. I have worked so very hard for this moment. My name is Canyon and my sister Sequoia and brother Yosemite are also in the class as well as our half brother Barley. Our Mom is Allie and our Dad is Hobo and we were born at 4 Paws. I have been working very hard since the day I was born for this day. I am a boy dog but that is okay.If you want to play dress up or have tea parties I will be happy to play with you! Hurry up andcome up here to 4 Paws where it is DRY :0) BTW I hope no more of those big storms ever come our way once I move down cuz I will just have to scare them off! Hurry and get here OKAY????????????????????? XOXO Canyon

HELLO BEST BUDDY! OR IS THAT BFF? I know that is the modern way though I never text myself. My name is Sequoia and I am a member of the National Parks Gang. My Mom is Allie and my Dad is Hobo. I have 2 brothers and a half brother in this class, Yosemite and Canyon and then Barley who's Mom is Opal. Apparently my Dad is quite the "MAN" here at 4 Paws because I have a VERY large family! I hope you do not mind that I am a girl. really I am not a girly girl like Piper, I am more of a tomboy like Gracie. I mean you do not have to dress me in Pink or any thing like that. You can put me in Green Camo and we do not have to play dress up unless we dress like cowboys and Indians or something like that. I love the tracking game best of all. I hope you like it too. I bet you will because there is always a really cool prize at the end of the track! Hurry up and get to Ohio so I can teach you how to play! xoxoxo Sequoia

Hello! My name is Yosemite and I am a member of the national Parks Gang. My brother Canyon and sister Sequoia and also our half brother barley are also in this class. Us Goldendoodles rule! We are the stars of the class. Our Mom is Allie and our Dad is Hobo, Barley has another Mom named Opal. We were all born here at 4 Paws. We are really cool dogs and are the smartest in the class! We are the best trackers also but be careful what you say to the others as we do not want to hurt their feelings. Do you like to play ball? Do you like the tracking game? How about hot dogs? Do you like hot dogs? Right now I get a cool treat when I track but when you get here I will be tracking the best reward ever..... YOU! So hurry up now and head on over here because I am waiting to see you! xoxoxoxoxo Yosemite (YO SEM IT EE) like the famous park. But you can call me MITE short for mighty dog!

Hey Erik, My name is Blue and I am a boy, Black Lab. My real name is Blue's Clue's but they all call me Blue. I am a fun dog and can't wait to play with you. I hope you like to play ball and play the tracking game. Do you like to eat? I love to eat. I love hot dogs especially and Peanutbutter in my Kong. I love Tennis balls too! I want to go everywhere you go and do everything you do and play and play and play! Can I sleep in your room? Will you really, really be my best friend? I never had a best friend before and I have wanted one for so very long. Now it is almost the day you will come and meet me! Not long now. I am so very excited! Hurry up my best buddy ever and get here so we can start having fun! xoxoxoxoxo Blue
My name is Ginny and I am a Yellow Lab. I came to 4 Paws with my kids. They gave us all Harry Potter names. My full name is Ginny Weasley. Two of my kids are in the class too. I have to brag. they are so smart and they get that from me! Potter and Sirius are in the class. We came from a shelter in Kentucky, very nice people from Wayne County found us and told us they take all their special dogs to 4 Paws and that we were certainly special too! I can't wait to meet you. I really don;t mind boys, in fact almost all my kids are boys but I always dreamed my partner would be a little girl! YEAH I just knew it was meant to be because I am just such the little girl's dog! I hope that you are coming to 4 Paws really fast! How long is a week? I think I heard we have to sleep 10 more nights and then we will wake up and find you there! How cool is that! Hurry up my little best buddy, best girlfriend, special partner and keeper of all girls secrets! See ya soon! xoxoxoxoxo Ginny W.

I feel like I have been waiting on you forever. I think you are the most special boy ever for loving me just the way I am. I was so sad and thought no one would ever want me, not that I feel there is anything wrong with me. I can track better than all of them! But you know they gave me that label, sigh. I am so glad you do not care about "labels". I have been working extra hard because I want to be the best service dog ever so you will be so happy with me! I love to play ball and want to sleep in your room. I still remember sitting in the shelter asa puppy praying for a boy to love biut all the boys kept coming and taking other puppies. Karen says that is because I was meant for you and I think she is right! So hurry, hurry, hurry and get here to see me, Okay? xoxoxoxoxo Hans PS Didn't I grow into a handsome dude! Now don't listen to Karen who lectures my ears every day showing them pictures of GSDs and telling them to stand up. I think they give me character!

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