Thursday, September 25, 2008


Things are looking good still. No more seizures and Hannah seems to be feeling better than she has in quite some time. Let's pray that continues.

I wish y'all could hear her night time prayers. It's the cutest thing. She's heard me praying specifically and now she's doing it. She says, "Lord, please keep healing Hannah's body(she talks about herself in third person still). thank you it. Heal her brain and it's 'mical(chemical) and 'lect'ical(electrical) system. Help her 'nition(cognition) to keep improve. Thank you for healing her body. We love you Lord. Amen" She leaves words out here and there but the gest of her prayer is that she thanks God for his healing and asks him to continue it. Then she asks God specifically to touch her brain and it's chemical and electrical system and her cognition to keep improving. It's just darling to hear.

Please keep her in your prayers

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