Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Jeida

This is Hannah's newest little friend, Jeida. I've attached a couple of pictures. Ignore the mess of a table behind the pictures. I've been getting things ready to take to Hannah's fund raiser Saturday and well, my house is a disaster! (stop laughing....o.k.....it's more of a disaster than it normally is) Anyway, Jeida is very kind to Hannah and tries to help her play. Believe me that's a frustrating job at times! LOL! Anyway, Hannah loves Jeida and was really excited when Jeida came home with her today. They've had ice cream, chicken nuggets, watched videos, played with games, and play doh. I'm so excited that Hannah has this opportunity. It's been tough to work out play arrangements that work for everyone. That, and it's just tough to find kids that will tolerate another child that isn't just like they are. Kind of sounds like our adult population, huh? Anyway, we wanted to share this day with everyone because it's VERY special to us. This is the FIRST time anyone has ever came and played with Hannah, EVER.

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angelina said...

I just love our picture together.I cant wait to go over to your house again but you have to keep your kitty in its own room.I was scared of him. I had lots of fun.I love you.