Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fund Raiser....

Wow! That's about the only word that even remotely comes close to describing the experience we had on Saturday. It was one of the most amazing, touching, and inspiring days of our lives. These people were incredible to us. The amount that was raised was incredible. I'm talking unreal. I don't feel comfortable disclosing that amount but I will say that it will nearly pay for our 12 day hotel stay while we're at training.

The people at Central Baptist were very generous. The donations covered the entire back porch. Rachael and her team worked hard and tiringly to put everything out the night before. I came by to see if there was anything I could do and was unprepared for what I saw. I hadn't dreamed there'd be that much stuff donated. I cried on the way home that night. That wouldn't be the last time I cried either. We all got up Saturday morning and got to the sale about 8:30. It started at 8:00. They had already made $500 when we got there. People were so generous in their donations for the things they were purchasing.

Hannah was enjoying the playground with her brothers. I looked over and she was in a swing. I was so excited. She had never stood the swing before. It was a sensory issue and to see her swinging and enjoying it was a HUGE accomplishment. My heart was singing. She got to stay for a couple hours before she had to go home. I can tell you though that the two hours she was there she was having the time of her life.

I met several of the church people. I'm telling you, these people are amazing. Ruth Ann, her children, and husband were at the sale all day helping. The pastor's wife(sorry, lost her name) was there all day working with their daughter. Pastor Manning stopped by and we met him. Of course Rachael and her crew were there working. There were so many people. I wish I could remember everyone.

The whole day was incredible. Have I said that before? I have always been on the other side of this thing. You know, the side that does the work, the side that is doing the helping. It's a side I've always loved to be on. I loved the feeling I got when I was "giving". It can almost be addicting if you let it. To be on the receiving side was a little uncomfortable I have to admit. It's hard to NEED help. It really is. I don't know that it's pride. Maybe it is. I can tell you though, that I am so glad that I've had this experience. The feeling you get when you realize you're not alone. This burden is not one you have to bare all on your own is wonderful. It has brought a sense of peace to my turmoiled mind. I never want to forget what these people did for my precious little girl! NEVER.

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