Friday, September 19, 2008

ER Visit

Well, we had more than one seizure and the second one lasted going on 4 minutes when I intervened with diastat. We took her to the ER and her temperature was 102.7 when we got there. They took blood, urine, and an chest x-ray. Hannah's sick. Again. Her white blood count was 23,000. The only thing they found was a little redness on one of her ears. The doctor ordered a round of rocephin and then gave us a prescription to get filled to continue on antibiotics at home.

The neuro called me when we got home and he is upping her lamictal to 50 mg's morning and 75 mg's night. He also called in a drug called clonazapam that he wants me to give her every 6 hours while she is sick in hopes that it will keep a status at bay.

I'm worried. As usual, right? My worry right now is that I feel like I'm drugging her. I'm giving her tylenol every four hours, and ibuprophen every 6 hours, clonazapam every 6 hours, 75 mg's of lamictal at night, and 300 mg's of zonegran at night. Plus an antibiotic. It's incredible.

Hannah has been sick since May. She never gets more than a day or two where she doesn't have some kind of illness going on. I'm taking her to her pediatrician on Monday and I'm also calling a immunologist/allergist in Benbrook on Monday. We are going to get to the bottom of this. Good or bad news!

Right now she is awake and doing o.k. She's laying up in the bed watching Strawberry Shortcake with David. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Me too, please. I'm weary.

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