Monday, August 27, 2012

School, Shoes, and sleeping farmers...

Tomorrow all the kids will be climbing out of bed, getting dressed, eating their favorite breakfast, and heading out to start a brand new school year.  My heart will be heavy all day long and I'm sure tears will stream down my face more than once as I remember all the wonderful first days of school you and I had together.

There aren't words to express how much I miss shopping for shoes with you.  You brought such joy to the shoe clerks faces as you walked in the store and proclaimed, "SHOOOOOOEEEEES!" with such admiration that only a true shoe fan could possibly understand.  We always walked out with the cutest ones even if you didn't yet have anything to match them.  I didn't even care that I would likely spend most school day mornings fighting you on which pair to wear, because you'd almost always pick a pair that did not go with the outfit you had picked for the day.  I learned to give in and let you wear what you wanted.  One thing you taught me during our short time together is what really matters, and matching shoes and outfits just aren't that important in the grand scheme of things.  With all you'd endured and survived you had earned your right to choose and be you.(quirky style and all)  None of your outfits were ever hideously mismatched anyway.  It was o.k. and you were fun.  I think you'd be proud.  I just ordered a new pair of athletic shoes and they are purple, silver, and black.  I often think of you and imagine what your choice would have been had you been with me.  I think you'd have wanted a pair yourself. LOL!  I hope they have shoe stores in heaven and you get to visit them often.  

Tomorrow the boys go back to school.  I know they miss their beautiful sister.  Daddy misses his princess.  You were/are so loved Hannah. We all just really struggle with not having you here.  Would give anything to hear your voice, feel your arms around our necks, and just see your precious face.

I wish you were here so I could read your favorite book...."the horse said, "naaaaaaa, I want some hey! but the farmer didn't wake up!"  I'll never forget you angel.  Not ever.  You were such a blessing to my life.  You'll never be forgotten. Never ever ever.

If tomorrow is the first day of school in heaven, I hope it is the best day ever.  I love sweet girl.

Always and forever.
Attendance 2010 (Week before she past away)
   Hannah at Field Day.  She had a blast! May 2009