Sunday, May 13, 2012

3rd Mother's Day

Yesterday daddy was cleaning on the garage and found one of the new Hanna Anderson outfits I bought you.  It was the one with all the bright tropical flowers.   Remember, I wouldn't let you wear it yet because it was for the Spring.  I so wish I had let you wear it, because it would have been so "you".  Your silver shoes would have gone so perfectly with it too.  I would love to remember the arguments we'd have everyday as you wanted to wear "that one" and couldn't because "that one" was dirty.  LOL!

I finally went shoe shopping the other day without you.  It was such a bittersweet experience.  There were no children shoes in the store but I could still imagine you proclaiming in awe, "SHOES" and wanting to try them all on.  I settled on a cute pair of platform wedges that you'd love.  I would have had to hide these from you because you'd certainly break your neck plopping around house in them.

It's my third Mother's day without you.  I still miss your voice and your kisses so horribly.  There is a void your leaving has left that just can't be filled by anything.  It just has to be endured and felt.  I'm so glad I had you.  Having you changed my life in so many ways.  I am stronger, more compassionate, more understanding, and most of all I have a voice.  Thank you Hannah for living your life to the fullest despite every obstacle put in your way.  Thank you for fighting with a smile on your face and most of all thank you for loving through it all.  Your love was such a perfect love.  One most of us do not get a chance to experience.  I'm thankful I did.

I love you sweet girl forever!

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