Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Hannah!

Today was a tough day.  I woke up with a heavy heart.  David and I both spent the morning crying, missing our girl so bad.  I watched all the little videos I have of her.  Sometimes it feels like a dream that I ever had her at all.  Watching the videos makes it all feel so real again.  I discovered that our bank account information had been compromised and charges from London charged to our account so I had to deal with that.  No fun!  Even with all I dealt with we were able to get things together and headed out.  All four of us had lunch, bought some balloons and headed to the cemetary.  It was extremely hot and windy.  The wind was so bad that it tangled all the ribbons within minutes and I there was no way to untangle them.  We had to let them go all together.  That was not my plan and I felt pretty defeated that the day had been such a disaster to that point.  All I wanted to do was honor my baby girl on her Birthday.  It's just life.  Some days are good and some days are not.  The only thing we can do is put one foot in front of the other and trust God to see us through.  We ended the day celebrating a wonderful friend's birthday with "the hood".  Just what the doctor ordered.  Now, I'm sitting here typing this and thankfully listening to my wonderful husband snore.  God's good.  Thanks for all your prayers today and everyday.  I've said it before, but I believe it with all my heart, your prayers see us through.  Thank you!

Now to my Hannah...
Happy Birthday Precious Girl!  It's hard to believe that we've just celebrated the second birthday without you.  I miss you so terribly much.  It's days like this when your death feels so totally senseless.  I'd do it all over again beautiful girl!  I was so truly blessed to have been your momma.  I hope they have chicken nuggets and cake cake in heaven.  You are so very loved and missed!  Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Hannah...Happy Birthday to you!  All my love!  Momma 

 These are all pictures of Hannah's grave, Bday wreath, & Memorial day flowers. 
 Also Billie's Spring bouquet.

 The wind was really bad and tangled the ribbons on the balloons so bad they couldnt' be untangled.  We had to release them all together this year.   10 balloons for 10th birthday.

 Sponge Bob Birthday balloon.

 The wreath I made for Hannah's Birthday!  I wanted her to have something with SpongeBob.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Every day of my life with Hannah the last couple of years, involved one and maybe two drive through trips at McDonalds.  Not the healthiest, I'm aware, but when you have a child with autism learning to communicate and they do communicate those preferences or desires you've so longed to know and understand,  it's very difficult not to reward that.  If you don't, it may not continue.  Anyway, several days a week I would run through the drivethrough of McDonalds, get her some mcnuggets and drop them by the school for her lunch.  Then she discovered the vanilla shake.  We were getting a friend an ice cream and I knew Hannah couldn't handle one, so I got her a shake instead.  She fell in love with them and everyday after school she'd get in the van and say, "hi momma, shake shake, get Zachary".  We had several minutes between her pick up and getting Zach from high school so I'd swing through the drive through, grab her a shake and she'd sit there sipping away, singing, and talking while we waited on Zach to come out.  Those were some precious precious moments.  I loved that time where she'd make up little songs with me about how Zach needed to hurry.  At any rate, that's just a little background so you'll understand what I'm about to tell.

I've really struggled with McDonalds.  Especially the one in Hillsboro.  It just hasn't felt right to go when my baby girl can't.  Last week I was heading through Hillsboro and I was hungry.  Hadn't eaten all day and Hillsboro is still an hour from home.  McDonalds is right off the interstate and convenient.  I thought I could go through.  It's been a long time.  The minute I turned into the parking lot I felt a heaviness settle on me.  I got to the drive through and I ordered just what I would have for Hannah.  I glanced back where she would have been sitting and I felt a wave of grief wash over me.  I got my order and I know the drive through attendant thought I was crazy because tears were streaming down my face.  I stopped for a minute and set everything up so it was accessible while I was driving.  Then I took the first bite.  It almost wouldn't go down.  I took the second bite and I cried uncontrollably.  I began talking to God about how unfair it was that I could eat nuggets and Hannah couldn't.  So much came pouring out of me.  I wanted to know what it was.  I let you have her but why.  Was I not a good enough mom?  Did I do something wrong?  Why did you want her and why now?  Most of the time I am rational and know that there are no answers and I know I have to trust God's love for me and for Hannah.  I dont' see the whole picture, He does.  It still can't help but feel like a punishment sometimes that she is gone.  Finally when I was completely spent and satisfied that God heard me and still cared.  I finished my nuggets and decided that every time I ate them I'd remember my girl and it was good to remember.  I long to remember.  The thought also occurred to me that who says there are no McNuggets or vanilla shakes in heaven.  Even if there aren't, there is probably something so much better.  Hannah's not missing out on anything.  I'm the one missing out.  Someday though, there will be no missing out for me either.  Until that day....I'll remember.

Love and Miss you baby girl!   

Monday, May 9, 2011

2nd Mother's Day Without you...

Today was my second Mother's Day without you.  Another card without your precious markings.  This day is so bitter sweet.  I miss you.  I wasn't up to doing much today.  I did go out to luch with the boys and it was good.  Your brothers are sweet Hannah.  I know they miss you too.  Daddy was missing nanna a lot today.  I know y'all are enjoying each other and the beauty of all that surrounds you.  Schools coming to a close.  It's been so hard not having you here to get ready to go every morning.  I just miss you baby.  I miss you so bad.  Wish you were here.  Love Always, Mommy