Monday, April 11, 2011


I was cleaning last week and found your shoes and your favorite socks.  You know the ones that were way too small for your feet but you insisted on wearing because they were your favorites.  You'd had them since you were 2.  It reminded me about how I used to have to hide your shoes when I took them off because if you saw your shoes you wanted to go to school.  No matter what time it was or if school was out, you thought  You even threw them at me once because I refused to put them on you and take you to school.  School wasn't in session that day.  I'm so glad I let you go to school.  I'm so glad I put all my fears aside long enough that you were able to enjoy something you loved.  I miss you Hannah.  Everyday.  I'll cherish your favorite socks forever and remember our "fights" over wearing them eternally.  Thanks for such a great 8 years sweetie!  They were way to short, but I was given a lot to cherish in that short time.  Miss you bunches!  All my love!  Mommy