Friday, March 18, 2011

East to West

Today's been a tough day....actually the whole week has been tough.  You've been gone 14 months today.  It's our favorite time of year Hannah and you're not here to enjoy it.  Spring doesn't hold the joy it used to.  You loved to be outdoors and this time would be the time before it got to hot for you to.  You could enjoy the outdoors without your cooling vest and that made you super happy.  We'd sit out back and throw tennis balls to Koolio and pick the weed flowers forever.  You never wanted to go in.  I'd give anything to have you here to do all that with right now.  It's hard to even breath in the Spring air and not feel your absence.  My hearts heavy.  Your loss changed everything.  Everything is different.  It's something I don't like or enjoy but I'm trying to make the best of it.  I so wish I didn't have to endure this change.  I'd do anything not to have to.  I'm still trusting that God has a plan and that when my life is over I'll see your beautiful face again.  What do do till then is tough to understand or figure out.  I'm trying though.  I love you sweet beautiful angel girl.  I hope your happy, thriving, and being loved so fully.  I have to believe you are, for I ask God everyday to love on you until I can again.  Miss you more than words can express.  Mommy

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