Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hannah had a pretty uneventful weekend. There were some complex partials and absenses but nothing we couldn't handle thankfully. We have had to sing, "Santa claus is coming to Town" a million times but I don't mind. We had to take a "nap nap"(there is no sleep involved. A nap nap is mom and Hannah laying down with covers over our heads and singing and playing. LOL) I would not trade those moments for anything in this world. Sometimes I wish Hannah were my oldest because she has taught me so much about appreciating the small seemingly insignificant things in life. I often wonder how much more I would have enjoyed my boys had I learned these lessons when they were small. Not that I didn't enjoy them. I did and do, but it was different. Small things were sometimes overlooked and I can tell you that I now know I missed a lot of joy reaching and looking for the "big" instead of celebrating the "small". No regrets's about learning.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Shirley came down yesterday for a first visit since Billie's passing. It was great to see them and although we were sad that Billie wasn't here we felt her with us and had a good time visiting. Hannah really enjoyed her Aunt Shirley and giggled almost the entire visit. She has talked about them all day today and just giggled.

This is the last week of school. It'll be a busy one. Not only is it the last week of school but it's the week of David's company party at the owners house. I'm going to try to go with him. Kyle is going to babysit, I think. He does a great job. I just get so nervous leaving them and being an hour away. Kind of hard to enjoy yourself. LOL! So, we make it through this week and I have all three kiddos to myself for a couple weeks. So much fun!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday festivities. Thank you for the continued prayers and support!

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