Sunday, November 22, 2009

Really good week...

Hannah had a great week. There was very little seizure activity and she was well all week. I'm so thankful for weeks like these. They are so few and far between. She was a delight all week long, making us laugh so hard we cried sometiimes. Yesterday she started making farting noises with her mouth and would say to whoever was close, "Shew Wee David! You stink!" It was a hoot. I think she even entertained her teachers this week too. I'm so glad she is with people who enjoy her. It sure makes life easier for me.

Koolio finished his first week at school and it went great. He was VERY happy to be back with his girl everyday. He loves school as much as she does. He also really seems to enjoy the teachers. I think they are enjoying him too. He's such a sweet goofy dog.

It was a rough week for me personally. I had a doctors appt on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday and then Thursday I went into the hospital to have a pic line put in so I could start IV infusion treatments for 21 days. Hopefully I'll feel better than I have in years when this is over and it would have been worth it. I've learned more about viruses the last couple months than I ever care to know. I'm an avid handwasher/germ x user now and forever will be.

I can't believe the holiday's are upon us. Part of me wishes we could just skip them this year and then the other part of me wants to celebrate them in honor of Billie and her love for them. I still miss her so much. It'll be the last one with Kyle as a "kid" too. Hannah's already singing Jingle Bells and Santa claus is comign to Town a million times. So, I'll do my best to muster up some enthusiasm and have fun. This economy just really stinks. No raises or bonuses this year and a mountain of medical debt. Oh could be worse. :) Time for me to get creative!

I'm wondering if I should attempt taking Hannah to see Santa this year. She is so much more aware of the holiday now. It is so fun to watch someone give her something. When I bought her school shoes a few months ago and she opened the bag you would have thought I gave her a toy or something. She was so excited.

Hannah will go in the hospital Jan. 4th for up to 2 wks. They will take all her meds away and try to make her have seizures in the hospital so they can record them and see what is happening in her brain. From that we could get some valuable information and may have more options to stop the seizing. Surg, etc. For the first time in my life I'll be prayinig she has a seizure. It will be a pretty miserable time but a neccessary one. We'll appreciate your prayers.

Everyone have a happy Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful for everyone that cares about our girl. It's because of your care and prayers that we still have her. I'm convinced of it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Anonymous said...

You are just a wonderful, special family. Who could not love Hannah? She's blessed me so much. You have too though!

Always in my prayers!
Love you!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Lisa! I think you're a wonderful, special family too! I miss the forum, but really enjoy hearing about y'all on the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm very thankful for you and your family!!

(((((cyber hugs)))))


Blessings and love,