Monday, October 5, 2009

Metabolic geneticist

On Thursday we had Hannah's appt. with the metabolic geneticist. She ordered tons of tests and gave me instructions to have more done during our next hospitalization. No new information. Just went over history and talked about possible disorders, etc. It will be weeks, maybe months before we get results.

Hannah was sick towards the end of last week and thorugh the weekend. She was doing better by yesterday. Her teacher said she is doing good today. She's been a mess lately. This morning at school she took my cell phone and wanted to call her daddy. I let her. It was the cutest thing.


Rachael said...

Was this Dr Kuklovich (sp?)? i think that is who you said you were seeing.... we really liked her and she is very thorough! Have a great week!!

Marcey said...

No. We already saw Dr. Kuckolich last year. We saw the metabolic geneticist this time. She's in with Dr. Kuckolich but does more metabolic stuff. I just went blank on her name.

christian chic said...

God is faithful. never forget that he is still in control of everything.

ever hope and prayer for Hannah,

Anonymous said...

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