Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swine Flu

Well, it's made a visit to our house. Kyle has it. He is not really terribly ill or anything but he is sick. We've got him quarantined in his room. The nurse told me there are 50+ confirmed cases at the High School. I took him to the doctor this afternoon. Hannah's doctor called her in some tamiflu so hopefully she won't get it. Hopefully it'll hold her off until the vaccine gets here. It is dangerous for her to get it unfortunately. :<( Please help us pray for her safety.


Rachael said...

Hey girl,
We had it a few weeks ago and luckily only half the house got it. It was bad, but no worse than any other flu. We will pray for Hannah to stay healthy. Let me know if you need anything!!

Marcey said...

Thanks Rachel! I'm so sorry y'all got sick but am glad y'all recovered. So far so good here.