Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall in the air

Wow! Things have been crazy busy around here. I think we're all over the sickness that has plagued us the last few weeks. Hannah and I somehow have managed to keep the swine flu at bay. Just the guys have had it. We're not sure David and Zach had it but they had the same symptoms Kyle did so I'm pretty sure they did. Hannah did get an upper respiratory infection but got over it pretty well. She did have some seizures but not the status ones so we managed o.k.

I subbed last week at Hannah's school and have put in an ap to do it more. I also went to a seminar on Saturday about teaching kids with intellectual disabilities how to read. It was good but a little depressing. There just has to be an effective way to help these kids learn. There study showed it took 3 years of 45 minutes a day to get to a first grade level.

We have an appt with the metabolic geneticist on the 1st of Oct so we'll know more hopefully soon about how to help Hannah. The tegretol seems to be helping but it also has caused weight gain. We're not sure how much of it is that frumpy stage girls go through and how much is the tegretol. If she gains much more it looks like she'll probably have to come off of it and we'll try something else.

We're all enjoying this cooler weather. Koolio especially. I don't think he liked our hot summers much. Poor dog. He's still an amazing animal. I'm not sure when he'll start school. Right now he comes home with me everyday. He misses his girl like crazy though. We're also missing Billie a lot lately. This is the time of year when she and I would start discussing the holiday's, etc. I'm so sad that she won't be with us this year. David and I have been married for nearly 20 years and she spent every single one of those Christmas's with us except the first one we were in Michigan for. I miss her so much every single day.

Please continue to pray for us. I will try to be more consistent in updating the blog. Love and appreciate all of y'all!

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Rachael said...

So glad to hear that you are all feeling better, and that Hannah did not have any bad seizures. Living so close to you and the hospital, I cringe everytime I hear a helicopter go by wondering if you are racing to the hospital to help Hannah. It is such a horrible sinking feeling, I pray that you never have to do that again! Much love and hugs to all!!!