Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of "First" grade

Well, today was Hannah's first day of "first" grade. I haven't cried yet but I've come close. She had a small meltdown as we were leaving. I think more because of the routine change than anything. She was fine once we got in the van and got to the school. Koolio and I took her to her classroom where she seemed relunctant to go in but did. There was an alarm going off in their room and it was a little annoying. They were waiting on a mant. man. They were all driving busses. I'm hoping they got it fixed pretty quickly because those kids will not handle an alarm going off over and over for very long. One of the little boys was crying the but everyone else seemed o.k. I asked the teacher to email me in the middle of the day to let me know how she is. I hope she does.

We went to the epileptologist last week. He didn't change anything at this time. He did say that he'd like to admit Hannah to the EMU and take her off her seizure meds and "force" a seizure they can record. :<( I know the information would be invaluable to them but man, it makes me soooooooooo nervous. We're just praying that she won't have any period and we won't need to find out what is going on. Unfortuantely we're still having those strange complex partials but nothing more serious than that since June. PTL!

Attached is a picture I took last night of Hannah ad Koolio sleeping. This picture was taken around 1 a.m. LOL! He's depressed right now because he's staying at home right now to give Hannah's teacher a chance to establish a routine before we insert Koolio. Hopefully it'll just be a week or two.

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