Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The weekend....

We left on Friday night for Denison. The weekend really was a whirlwind and I couldn't have pulled it off without Mike and Christie. They are amazing and I'm so thankful for all they do for us. Koolio settled right in and was his charming self. There was a little kitten there and it was adorable. Koolio was scared to death of it. It was very comical. Here is this 80 pound dog scared of a one pound kitten. Poor Koolio.

Saturday was Hannah's birthday and she had a good time. She had a few instances of sensory overload but she really did have fun. There were quite a few kids there and she followed them around all day long once she got used to them. It was a wonderful day with family. Billie would have had a blast.

In the evening David and I went to the cemetary. I still can't believe she's gone. I just wanted to talk to her so bad and show her the adorable dress I bought for Hannah's birthday. Everyone says it gets easier but I just don't know if I believe that. I miss her so bad every single day.

On Sunday we visited Plano. Koolio went with us and it was wonderful. Jeff had prepared the ushers and greeters so they knew we were coming and ushered us right to a spot where Koolio could be safely. He did awesome. We were in the balcony and was a little nervous because he could hear things but couldnt' see what was going on so I let him stand up and look out and he was like, "cool" and went down and never got up again until we had him to. The balcony was a little disconcerting to Hannah. She had never sat above like that before but she did pretty good. The service was nice and I'm glad we were there to help them say goodbye to their old building. Afterwards we went to Fudruckers to eat with family and it was fun.

I was glad to get home Sunday but have had tons to do. Hannah is out of school and that is always a HUGE adjustment. She LOVES school and not having it is a nightmare. I'll have a couple weeks of fussing and meltdowns and then things should settle down. We can hope.

Anyway, the weekend was amazing and I'm so thankful for a great time with family. Hannah's well and stayed well. God still answers prayer.

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