Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Howling Dog

Awwwww, we finally have our happy lover of life little girl back. It's so wonderful. She still has her moments but none of the constant crying. Keppra just made her an emotional mess. Eight months we road that roller coaster. Thank you God we are off. I'm so thrilled to have my happy girl back. She's still doing the screaming/screeching thing but it's not constant and I'm learning to adjust to it somewhat. I'll take it over the crying any day.

We have had a very nice weekend. I took a break yesterday. Don't look so shocked! Believe me it wasn't an easy thing for me to do. I am glad I did it however. I drove to Abilene and attended a "Loss Lab". Pretty thought provoking stuff. Then drove to Hurst and had dinner with a friend before heading home. David held down the fort and did an amazing job. He's the best husband and daddy in the world. Today was a good day too. We've had alot of fun with Koolio. We've discovered that Koolio howls when David plays the trumpet. It is one of the funniest, coolest thing I've ever seen and Koolio doesn't want David to put his trumpet up. He goes over and lays on the case so we can't open it. We just love this dog! We all made it to church together this morning too. It was nice.

Hannah's doing o.k. We just take it day by day and pray. We are still awaiting test results. She is taking 5 1/2 pills in the morning and 10 1/2 pills at night and one pill in the middle of the day. That's alot of medication. :<( But at least we've got to stop keppra and those 17 pills are only 3 seizure meds, an allergy med, and two vitamins. Just please keep praying for her. It would be nice to get some answers but if we can keep the status seizures from happening I'd be happy.

I'll send out an email announcing the Mikasa sale. I'm going to work on it early this week and hopefully have it ready by middle of week. The proceeds will go to help us with Hannah's medical expenses and a needed move. We've already hit $7200 that we owe this year for her medical and the year is only half through. :<( Not sharing that for sympathy, just talking about where we are and why I'm doing the sale.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. I know I say that all the time but we really are grateful. We couldn't make it without it.

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