Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!

I'm two days late on writing this. I try to write to you every birthday and this weekend was just such a whirlwind of activity I never got time to sit down and let the words flow. So, today I'm going to tell you Happy Birthday momma style.

Happy 8th birthday Sweetheart. You're getting so big. Who'd ever believe you were once only a one pound seven ounce baby girl. I am so proud of you. You have strength beyond your years and your love for life is inspiring. More inspiring than anything is your ability to overcome every obstacle and do it with a smile. I know you can't enjoy your hospital and doctor visits but you seem to make the best of all of them and just deal with whatever comes your way. You are amazing.

I've had some hard moments this year as I've come face to face with the possibility that I could lose you. The thought of it paralyzes me with fear but it has also spurred me on to enjoy every single moment I have with you. You've taught me so much about life and my responsibility to make each day count. I've learned to celebrate small accomplishments and to never overlook the seemingly insignificant things because by overlooking them I miss so many opportunities to experience joy.

This year has been a year of attempts. You went everywhere this year with your class. You tried everything. You had a wonderful teacher who wasn't afraid to let you try things. You went to the zoo and field day with your regular ed class. You went to a pep rally and participated in water day. There were plays you got to see and assemblies you were able to go to. It was exciting to watch you work through all these things that are uncomfortable for you and enjoy them. You learned all your letters, colors, numbers, and how to match things this year. You can sing letter sound songs and also know a couple of site words. Those are just a few things you learned this year, all of which you were unable to do at the begginning of the school year. No, you're not up with your peers but we will not fret about what you do not know. We will celebrate with you what you do know.

You also fell in love with baby dolls this year. After years of not having anything to do with them, you finally have one favorite one that has to sleep with you every night. Your favorite toy is wooden bead mazes though. You can sit and play with them forever. SpongeBob is your favorite video character with Barney and Leap Frog running a close second. You're interested in everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe in this house from your little fingers. LOL!

Your daddy is your favorite man and that's the way it should be. He plays his football game in your bedroom floor anytime he has free time. You LOVE it and won't even let me in the room when the two of you are in there. You are so much like your daddy. You have his personality and actions. You love dads music and make him play it for you often. Your dad loves you so much and you adore him. Your next favorite guys are your brothers. They adore you and spoil you rotten. You aggrevate them mercilessly just like a little sister should.

Your hero passed away this year. I don't really know how much you understand and if you even realize that you'll never see your nanna again on this earth. Everytime you see a picture of her you put it to your forhead and say, "kisses". I know you miss her and my heart breaks for you because I know how much you loved her and she loved you. We all miss her but I think you probably miss her more than any of us.

You've had a lot of close calls this year healthwise. We still do not know exactly what is wrong with your brain and how to help but we're working on it. I am doing everything I can to make sure you have the best quality of life possible. It's a struggle for me but only because I love you so much and am afraid that one day I'll find out there was something I could have done but didn't do. You are such a huge part of my life and I'm so glad.

Because so many people care for you we were able to go to Ohio and get you a wonderful friend named Koolio. He's a beautiful Golden Retriever and he takes amazing care of you. He goes everywhere you go. He attends school with you, goes to the doctors and hospital with you. He does it all. Your life has been so much easier since he came into it and mom and dad have some peace of mind we've never had before. He sleeps with you every night in your bed. You love your bed by the way. I anticipated all this trouble getting you to sleep in it and you went right into it. You're amazing and Koolio is too. I look forward to him being a huge part of your future.

So, I'll end this note with a huge Happy Birthday! You're loved Angel girl and I hope you know it. We are so glad God trusted us with your care! Love you so much! Momma

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