Monday, June 22, 2009

Bye Bye Keppra

We're down to 1 ml twice a day on Keppra. Friday night should be the last dosage. The crying has gone WAY down. She has meltdowns but they're back to the normal amount and not the constant that they were before. The screaming is still going on. I'm told by the epileptologist that this should go away as her body adjusts to the meds. Let's hope. It's a little more barable and not quite as much as it has been. She's still more tired than she has been. She doesn't sleep though, just kind of lays around alot. Last night I brought to David's attention that she takes 10 1/2 pills every night and that doesn't include the 1 ml of keppra. She takes 5 1/2 in the morning.

She's missing school alot. I'm doing activities with her at home. Letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and matching. Keeping up with her site words too.

I'm thinking about getting her a little pool so she can play in the mornings before it gets too hot. Wanted to get one Koolio couldn't tear up but they don't sell them around here. The hard plastic ones. There are some blow up ones with awnings but I'm afraid the dog will tear them up. Any suggestions?

It's hard to believe the month is almost over. Please continue to pray for Hannah and as soon as I get some information I'll share it. I've posted a small video of her singing. Hope you enjoy it.

I'm still working on getting the pictures of the Mikasa stuff up and posted. They'll only be on this site until they are sold. Please consider buying. It's all brand new stuff that has never been used and most of it is discontinued so it's rare and collectible. All proceeds go to help with Hannah's expenses.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you posted. I enjoy the updates. I'm so sorry for the screaming. Ugh! Its great that she's been able to be weaned off of one med. Please know that y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love ya,