Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appt. Set

Got a call from epileptologist this afternoon and he set an appt. for August 18th at 4:30. He said he should have all the test results including the genetic tests. Could be that he orders more tests or we may find that there is nothing more we can do but what we're doing. August the 18th feels like forever right now but I'm trying to be thankful for it because it took 7 mths to get in to see him originally.

We've had some pleasant days around here and I'm so thankful for them. Hannah's had some bathroom issues but we bought some fiber to add to her juice in the mornings so hopefully it'll help. She's gaining weight but she usually does during the summer because she can't get out in the heat. We took her out this afternoon though for about 30 minutes. It cooled down some so I thought we'd better get on out while we could. She turned 8 though and will probably go through that frumpy stage. She weighed 70 pounds and the doctors don't seem concerned so I guess that is o.k.

Anyway, she's doing o.k. and we're praying that she continues to do o.k. She seems really happy lately. Except when we took Koolio to be groomed this morning she was not happy. She cried all the way there. she sure was happy when we picked him up though.

Please keep praying. I'm working on the sale. I'll post it as soon as I can and I will make sure everyone knows it's happening.

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