Thursday, May 28, 2009

another update

Such a busy time of year. School will be out tomorrow. Kyle has been out for a few weeks now. He'll be going this weekend to say bye to his girlfriend who leaves for basic training with the army on June 2nd. We'll be heading to Sherman where we'll visit my brother and have Hannah's 8th birthday celebration. Then on Sunday we'll attend Abundant Life's last service in their old building. They will move services to their new location next weekend. So many exciting things happening. I can't wait.

Hannah has really had us excited lately. She is talking alot more and it's appropriate conversation. Answering questions, asking questions, etc. It's been exciting to have this window open and we are trying to enjoy it. We never know when it will shut nor when it might open again. Hopefully the windows open much more often for much long periods of time. All you with kids who have autism know what I'm talking about. She's participated in several end of school activities and I've been super pleased with the results of our attempts. She did field day and that went well. Yesterday was awards at the junior high and she did awesome. Today they had water day and I really didn't think she'd participate at all. Her teachers tell me she did it all. They had huge water slides and she did them. She did the slip and slides too and then enjoyed some time in a wading pool outside her classroom with her teachers and classmates. I nearly cried when they told me how it went. She still has alot of meltdowns but I really believe once we can take her off keppra those will go back to nearly nonexistent. They were before keppra. We have at least a couple more months on it though. The epi won't change anything until he gets all her test results back. And the bulk of them won't even be done until July 15th. Then she has the child study center testing to go through too. So much to do. She is still taking singulair and we're hoping it helps with all this respiratory stuff she keeps getting. EVERYONE tells me their kids did so much better after going on it so lets hope.

We are still looking to move to Arlington. We're kind of stuck on getting anything settled Hannah wise until we find a house. So, that is where we are. We're looking for a house and will get more serious about it now that school is out.

Zachary is doing great. I know I rarely say anything about him but he's just consistantly Zachary. He loves being home and just does his thing. He does super well in school and is looking forward to moving somewhere where he'll hopefully not be required to take Spanish 3. LOL!

I'm going to create a school room in Hannah's room for her birthday. She will lov eit and her birthday is comign up. So, if any of you have school related things you are going to chunk, don't. We'll take them. Any supplies, flashcards, wall posters, etc. I'm excited. A couple of friends already have said they have things to contribute. Yipee! Oh, and speaking of friends could y'all say a prayer for a friend of mine. Her name is Rachael and she has a tumor that has been mysterious and evasive. She can't help but worry about it and I can't help but worry for her. She is having some follow up testing in July. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. She's an amazing lady and was very instrumental in us getting Koolio. Thanks.

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