Sunday, April 26, 2009

This week....

This week will be a busy one. Monday we may be getting me a new car. My van is finally pooping out. Pray we can find something nice and affodable. Tuesday is mine and David's 19th anniversary. We have no plans but still, it'll be our anniversary and that is special. Wednesday I'll spend the day getting ready for our two day hospital ordeal on Thursday and Friday. Saturday Hannah's aquatic therapy starts back up and I will go get Leeann in wichata so she can go to the prom with Kyle. Do you believe me that it will be busy?

It's seems we've been nonstop this year. Some down time would be so nice. Just a weekend of doing nothing but reading books, watching movies, or even shopping with a friend for an entire weekend. Awwwwwww.....I can dream. LOL! Those days are LONG gone and that's fine. I have a good life full of wonderful blessings!

Please pray for a smooth Thursday and Friday. It'll not be fun that is a given. Hannah will go in early Thursday morning and be admitted to the epilepsy unit. They'll start her 24 hour video eeg and then remove it on Friday morning. Before we go home though she will go down for an MRI. They have to sedate her for it so it will be a several hour ordeal. We should get home sometime early afternoon I hope. I'll try to post some from the hospital to let everyone know how it is going.

The boys are on their own for those two days. Nanna's not here anymore. Some friends of theirs are going to help out but it's still hard. They've always had nanna. Of course I can't help but worry. Ugggh! LOL! They'll be fine. Our neighbors are awesome and will help if it's needed. Kyle will be 18 in December and Zach 16 in November. I can't believe they are so grown up. Boo Hoo. :<)

Koolio is doing awesome. We've had a really awesome week with him. He's such a blessing to have with us. We all are in love with him and can't imagine life without him.

I better get busy around here. David is out working me and we can't have that! LOL!

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