Monday, April 20, 2009


It's been almost a week since I posted and some are having withdrawals I'm told. LOL! I'm glad my life is so interesting to read. NOT! :<) And yes, I realize that "NOT" is so 80's but hey, I'm an 80's girl.......

Hannah is doing much better. She seems to have a cold but it's improving. She saw Dr. Beyer on Friday and checked out o.k. Koolio went to the doctor's office with us and he was a hit. Everyone was crazy about him. He was such a gentleman. He's a big boy so it's difficult for him to stay out of everyone's way but he tries. He sprawls out when he's in a down which is adorable but it sure makes it tough sometime to all fit in small places. LOL! He tries to be considerate though. It's so sweet. Koolio is sleeping with Hannah in her bed all night now and he's being much better about leaving the chicken nuggets alone. Yipee! Hannah went to church with David Sunday morning and I thought I was going to stay with Koolio at home. The pastor's wife is extremely allergic to dogs and has been really struggling with breathing lately so I didn't want to expose her to something that would make it worse. Koolio was very unsettled. He was looking all over for Hannah and nervous. I think it is so neat to watch him do his job. I texted David and we thought we'd try to take him and just stay at the back of the church. Koolio was amazing. No one would have ever known he was even there had they not seen him come in or the pastor had not said something. He went into a down under a pew and was awesome through the entire service. I was so proud of him. Oh, and I wasn't sure we'd ever ue the nuzzle command but I used it alot last week and it worked every time! I could go on and on about all the wonders of Koo Yoo. He's just truly an amazing animal. We're so fortunate and it's because people helped us that we have him. Thank you so much.

Some of you will find this surprising but some of you won't. We are going to move this summer to the city. We've been debating this for a couple of years. Hillsboro has been good to us. Hannah has had fabulous teachers, therapists, principals, and support staff here. My boys have had a great school experience ever since we moved here in 2001. The community has been a tremendous support to us and church has been amazing. This is not a decision we've taken lightly. We've spent agonizing hours talking, praying, talking, and praying more. Last week after talking with Hannah's epileptologist it was the only thing that made sense, and we felt that we recieved confirmation on what we should do. To help Hannah have any semblance of independence one day she needs support programs that are only offered 35 to 70 miles from Hillsboro and for them to be effective she has to experience them regularly. I'll be sad to leave this community that we've called home for eight years now, but I'm getting excited about all the new opportunities we'll have too. It's not all figured out yet. We have to find a house. Kyle may stay here and finish his senior year. Zach will come with us and I think he'll enjoy all the opportunities a larger school will afford. David will be within 30 miles of his job which he has not experienced in 12 years. I'm excited about all the opportunites Hannah will have, and there is respite care for special needs familiy's so David and I may actually get to go on a date every now and then. LOL! Our 19 year anniversary is next week! I'm a little anxious about living in the city but everyone thinks I'll really enjoy it so I think it's worth a try anyway. Especially in light of all that Hannah will be able to experience.

Well, David is home and wants to eat so I guess I better feed him. I'll post more later.

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