Saturday, April 11, 2009

Poor baby photos and Hannah and the kool man going to bed

Left Arm....Hannah is one tough cookie! These pictures do not do her bruises justice. I'm always afraid to take her out in public for a few weeks until these clear up for fear someone will think we beat her. :<(
Right Arm....I didn't get her hand in the picture but it's got two huge bruises on it too. All from sticks because her veins have alot of scar tissue in them from all the iv's, pic lines, etc. she's had in her lifetime. :<(

Hannah and her Kool Man!

Another Hannah and her Kool Man! He gets right up next to her when he puts her to bed.

One more of Hannah and her Kool man going to bed. Hannah's bed looks a mess I know but it has nanna's pillow and blanket in it as well as a few other things that Hannah insists be there.

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