Sunday, April 5, 2009

Completed first week

Koolio finished his first week at school without me. I think overall it went well. There are a couple of things we need to work on but for the most part it went great. He saw the vet on Friday to get his heartworm started. They thought he was gorgeous. LOL! Of course EVERYONE says that about him. He's going to get conceited.

He and Hannah are still bonding. He is preferring David or I right now so we are going to have to work on that. We need him to prefer being with Hannah. She likes him but she is really put off by his slobber and licking. It's sensory. I don't like it either. I'm tolerating it, but it's taking effort. We love the dog, just not the slobber. He's not overly slobbery or anything. It's sensory on our part. LOL! The guys are all fine with it.

David went to Denison on Friday night to pick up the rest of Billie's stuff from Denison. He stopped by to get information on grave stones and then visited the grave yard. He took some flowers from all of us. I had a hard time yesterday when he was bringing some of it in. I had already had a "moment" when I found her cup that she used to drink her water and tea in, in the back of the fridge. I didn't want to wash it. It was just so final to me. This morning Hannah and I were playing and my heart broke knowing that she'd never sit in her nanna's lap and sing the songs she loved so much. She still doesn't understand. She knows nanna's not here but she doesn't understand why. She finds pictures of Billie and puts it to her forehead and says, "kisses nanna, kisses, ahhhhh, nanna". It's heartbreaking. I miss her so bad most days. Especially if I have a little down time. My down time was spent sitting on her bed watching shows and talking. We had some great conversations and fusses. LOL! Yesterday when I was at Brookshires I kept finding myself looking for something she might eat or would enjoy. They say it gets easier, but I just don't know....

I have a couple of pictures of Hannah and Koolio going to bed that I'll post soon.

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