Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday and Today....

I didn't update yesterday because it was a WILD one. Hannah woke us up at 1:30 a.m. running a VERY high fever. It didn't come down until nearly 5 a.m. so we missed tracking yesterday morning and took her to a local urgent care center. She has a ear infection and a URI. She's doing some better today. We were able to go to all the training today with her.

Something exciting happened. The seizure dogs will do an intense sniffing when they smell a seizure. Hannah had a complex partial in the night but Koolio wasn't in the room. Later, I witnessed the intense sniffing that Jeremy described to us and he pawed the bed. I haven't played the seizure game with him yet so he's not aware that I'm the one to paw should he sense a seizure. Well, I have but just once. Later she had several absense seizures, so he did alert! I was in such shock that I didn't know how to respond.

Like I said we missed tracking yesterday morning but was able to leave Hannah with the boys and go to the mall training. The mall is less than 5 minutes from our hotel. Koolio is a very friendly dog and he was so excited about going to the mall. We met at the food court and he walked right by all the food and people without batting an eye. Once he saw all the other dogs he got really excited and had to be corrected but he was SO good. We practiced heeling and he did good. He was a little distracted at first but he soon got on his best service dog behavior. LOL! David became a walking 4paws commercial as everyone wanted to know about the dogs in the mall! It really was cool! If these dogs can handle the mall on Saturday they can handle ANYTHING! LOL!

Last night most of the families met at 4paws for a little get together. Unfortunately we didnt' get to stay long because Hannah just wasn't feeling well. Hannah and I crashed when we got home and my wonderful husband did our laundry. I did it on Wednesday but we were already needing it done again. He's such a great guy!

This morning we met at 4paws and practiced heeling with a shopping cart. It went good. We also practiced some more of the under and place command. Then we met Jeremy at a park for a tracking where David held the tracking leash. Hannah and I walked way back in the woods and she didn't want to stop walking. LOL! Finally she got mad at me and threw herself on the ground. Koolio found us perfectly. He's such a good boy!

At lunch David and I decided to try eating out with Koolio. Koolio was a little hesitant on the under but did it perfect the second time and he lay under the table the entire time. Actually I think he slept most of the time. He heeled perfectly through the restaurant on the way in and to our table and on our way out. I was really proud!

This afternoon we went over tracking and then learned about grooming. We dismissed and Hannah and I came home and let David take the boys out for an evening. I know that the guys have learned so much. If I need them to do a track they can. They have learned the commands and are helping us in getting Hannah and Koolio bonded. It's all so exciting.

I'm really tired but it's a good tired. I am so thrilled with the addition of care for Hannah that Koolio brings. She's slow to warm up to new things and we've watched as each day she gets more and more comfortable and in love with him. She sat in the back seat today and said, "I love Koo Yoo". Of course she LOVES to boss him but she LOVES to boss everyone and everything. LOL! We've really got a kick out of her giving Koo Yoo commands. At any rate, we cannot be happier with our new family member. He is a perfect match for our family. Perfect. It brings tears to my eyes.

Please keep Hannah in your prayers. She just really isn't feeling 100%. Thanks for all the support! It is appreciated. I'm about to post some pictures.


Sally G said...

Marcey!!!! I'm so happy for you that Koolio is alerting! That is amazing and awesome and such a gift! I'll be seeing you Friday


Hannah said...

You're coming Friday? How exciting! I can't wait to see you!