Sunday, March 8, 2009

We made it...

We're at our hotel in Fairborn. Drive was uneventful until we got to Cincinati where we hit a down pour and it lasted the whole way to Fairborn. We made it though and everyone is sitting around chilling.

I actually got a call from Connie this morning and they did make it to Brownsville last night so we went by their hotel and met them. Dale is such a cutie and so polite. They beat us to Homewood. I just talked to Connie and they are enjoying a gorgeous rainbow and eating TGIF's! I haven't heard anymore from Paige so I'm not sure how their trip went. The last time I talked to her they were a couple hours ahead of us.

The hotel is VERY nice. It will work out great because it has everything we could possibly need and we can even cook if we need to.

I had a emotional moment a couple of times. Once yesterday when we passed over the Mississippi because Billie would always cry when we went over it. She was so patriotic. Then today someone gave us a $50 gas card and the urge to call and tell her where we were and what all had happened was so strong. I really don't know how we'll get through this. We miss her so bad.

Well, I better stop. I'm already tearing up again just typing this! Ugggh!

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