Thursday, March 5, 2009

van, dog stuff, and only one more day till we leave...

OMG! The van....we picked it up last night and I was not prepared to have something so perfect for us to take to Ohio to get Koolio. It is PERFECT. Has dvd players and wireless headphones, and all kinds of gadgets to make the trip so much more pleasant. A friend is loaning us a portable dvd player to use while at training so Hannah can have her videos. LOL! But in the van...WOW! That's about all there is to say to describe it. We had no idea there was like all kinds of Vandergriff dealships. Vandergriff chevrolet, Vandergriff Hyundai, Vandergriff Honda. Thought we'd never find the right one. LOL! Vandergriff Honda is the one that made this loan to us. Mr. Evans was fabulous and so interested in Hannah and her dog! Definately check them out if you are looking at Hondas. I can't speak for the other branches but that one....WOW!

I finished up dog shopping today. Thanks to everyone that contributed to Koolio and things to take care of him. I bought plenty of treats, toys, dog dishes, potty bags and holder, grooming supplies, and they ordered a giant crate for us that will be waiting on us on our return. I'm sure I forgot something but I still have money to cover anything we'll need that I didn't get. I think he'll be one happy dog too! I hope he likes to share because Hannah likes his toys too. LOL!

I verified hotel reservations today and we've got people to watch the house and our mail while we're away. Finally I am relaxing enough to enjoy things. It's about time, huh? I really look forward to being around the other family's. Not having to worry about someone looking at us strangely when they realize Hannah isn't neurotypical. I hope to learn alot and just share in our experiences. We're all parents, relatives, siblings to "oval" children. Plus there are several DRAVET familie's that will be there and I can't wait to meet up with them and learn what steps we need to take next to get Hannah the care she needs and deserves. Both my boys are going with us. I'm so thankful that they'll get to be there with us. We have not done anything as a family in so long. Hopefully there'll be a little time for some fun either on the way up or on the way back. Plus, they needed to be there to learn how to work with the dog.

Please pray for Hannah and that she'd continue in good health. I took her to the doctor today and she checked out fine. Oh, and pray Ohio has a nice warmer March. LOL! Seriously, I do not look forward to freezing my toosh off!

Thanks everyone for everything. I'll keep this blog updated as often as possible with pictures and the works.

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