Friday, March 13, 2009


This morning I nearly froze my Texas behind off! We met at 4paws at 9:30 a.m. and went to track at the park. We were the third track....Thank the Lord! Hannah didn't want to hide. We hid near a ditch in some brush and she hollored the whole time...."No....daddy!....No....daddy!" Koolio did excellent. He found us and went all through the brush to get to us. He's an awesome tracker.

This afternoon we learned the place and under commands. We got mutt mats for our dogs and learned how to use them. We also learned how to put our dogs in an under when we go out to eat somewhere, etc. Koolio did the under command but it wasn't his best. LOL! We'll have to work on that one for sure.

After learning the place and under commands we did some seizure work and Koolio did awesome! We brought some boxes home to practice tonight.

We met the Kilpatrick's for dinner tonight. Kira and Hannah have so much in common and seem to enjoy each other. We had a great time spending time with them. It's so nice to be around other family's like ours.

Pray for one of our family's; the Wooley's. The dog they were supposed to get got sick and wasn't going to get better so they had to get a replacement dog. They are handling it alright but have to be sad. Dora was a beautiful dog. I'm sure the new dog will be great but 4 days is enough time to get attached to a dog and they'll be sad, I'm sure.

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Sally G said...

Great Marcey, I'm so glad you are working on the seizure thing, if only they had done that we us, we might have had a different outcome. These days will go by so quickly, and then you'll have to go home and leave the utopia of 4 Paws where you are accepted and loved. Thinking of you.
Sally, Emma and Margs