Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, I thought yesterday was WOW, but TODAY....WOW!

Today has been a TRIP! All you 80's people know what that means! The morning went well. Hannah got up and wanted to go to Koolio school so we loaded us all up and went even though she wasn't needed for training this morning. Jeremy went around the room letting us take turns telling about our first night and any problems we encountered. We worked on sit and then learned the down comand. Hannah started having a meltdown in the middle of the training floor and Koolio jumped and went to her immediately. It caught me offguard and I went to pull him back before I realized, "uh, he's supposed to go to her". When she is around he watches her and is quite aware she's there. It's quite amazing.

So, we decide to take the dogs out to the bathroom and well, Koolio pooed(he poos BIG) and David was trying to get the shovel to scoop it up when one of the other dogs got loose from their handler and another started chasing her and Koolio got away from me and started chasing that dog. Here were these three dogs running lickety split around the yard. The funniest part however is that I had bought one of those fancy poo bag holders that clips on the leash and as Koolio was running the bags started unraveling and not only did we have three dogs running but the third one looked like he had a scarf flying behind him. It was quite comical although a little unnerving. About the time I got ahold of Koolio with the help of other parents Hannah was trying to come down a laddar on the playground and missed the last step and fell backwards hitting the back of her head on the slide. Koolio ran immediately to her. I was very impressed that he had just been running wild but when she was in distress he was there. Cool!

We get back in and practice heeling which Koolio is awesome at. He had no problem with it whatsoever. We then broke for lunch and came back to work on tricks. Shake, Five, and High Five.

There are three seizure dogs in this class and today we were introduced to that part of training. Koolio was first. He played the seizure game and everytime he came across Hannah's seizure scent he pawed the trainer. So, he is trained to come paw me if he senses Hannah is going to have a seizure. I thought David and I both were going to cry when he did it the first time. We were so amazed. I still have tons of questions. Like why the other dogs bark and Koolio paws. Not that it matters but I know someone is going to ask me and I want to have answers. Also, how to train the school staff. Still, it was the most amazing and incredible thing to watch!

Hannah has warmed up to Koolio much more today than she was yesterday. She says his name and tries to boss him around already. The cutest thing is her telling him, "Koo Yoo, good boy" or "Koo Yoo, go potty!" We have not allowed ourselves to play ball with him today. She is the only one that gets to play ball with him and I have taken tons of treats and put them in her lap while she throws them and he gets them. She loves to throw and he loves to retrieve.

Tomorrow we start tracking. That should be fun. It is COLD here. Yesterday it was in the 70's and today the high was 42. We're exhausted and our brains are already on overload but it's still a really good feeling to finally be here and to finally have him. He's beautiful and fitting perfectly in our family. Until tomorrow....


Sally G said...

Marcey, Hannah and family,
We are so happy for you, Koolio sounds perfect, and so ahead of Emma in all regards. Keep up the good work, the cold air is coming, only 8 here today.

Sally, Margs and Emma

BuddyDesigns said...

I'm am having so much fun reading along! It's so cool to see so many prayers being answered. :)