Thursday, March 12, 2009

Really Tired...

Tonight I'm really tired. I have not slept well in quite some time and it has taken it's toll. David said he'd take care of Koolio the rest of the evening and I'm going to take Hannah and try to crash. Hannah is still coughing pretty bad and struggling respiratory wise but no fever so far so hopefully it won't get worse. It's cold here. I think the high today was 42. Could be worse, I know, but still it's cold for these Texas bones.

This morning we did tracking with the dogs. It was incredible. Koolio went first and Hannah and I hid in some trees. He did well and found us. I got to watch a couple of other tracks and it's really quite fascinating. We did learn today that it's harder for the dogs to track in the dryer, hotter climates. Hopefully we'll never need a track but if we do, we'll have a dog that can do it. It'll be fun to practice. I have a feeling we'll all be in much better shape with this dog in our home. Don't laugh! I know, we ALL could use some getting in shape! LOL!

We got our tethering straps this afternoon and learned how to use them. It's all such an amazing process. The entire training keeps us in awe. The trainers and the staff at 4paws are wonderful! We got to see the pinkettes the first day and they are the cutest little things. I want one! LOL! Anyway, I can't say enough about all the 4paws personel. Wow!(I've said that alot, huh?)

I got some brochures from Karen Mull today about DRAVET and we're hoping to find some time to just sit and talk. I have alot of questions and she's so willing to answer them. Hopefully we'll get to find some time to chat.

The most amazing thing of all I think is the parents and families of all these special kids. It is tremendously relieving to be in a place, among people that "get it". One of our kids is melting down and it's like no one bats an eye. No strange looks or worries. Our kids are free to wander in an area that is set up especially for them. Jeremy and the other trainers are capable of teaching us how to handle these dogs in the midst of it all! That is a feat!

Hannah has been alot more playful with Koolio this evening. It's day three and I've seen her grow more and more comfortable with him. We let her just rain treats when she feels like it. Tonight she actually hugged him twice. It brought tears to my eyes.

We meet to track again tomorrow. Can't wait!

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Sally G said...

ah Marcey, you'll just get more and more tired. I'm glad you are experiencing what we all have at 4 paws, that unconditional "we all get it" and so does the staff. Hang in there, I'm so glad to hear that Hannah and Koolio are bonding. I'm here for you with Dravet too.