Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heading out and Makeover

How do you like the new look? We LOVE it! So classy! Even Mr. everything Hannah related should be pink likes it. Check out butterfly sparks designs for your own blog makeovers. A friend of mine's dil had this really classy looking blog so I checked it out and inquired and waaalaaa, now we got some class! LOL! Vanessa does an awesome job!

We're about to head out to get goign on our trip. Hannah's awake but really whiney and lathargic. I'm so hoping she's just tired and nothing is brewing. Please keep us in your prayers! We will need them. I'll update again asap. I'm so excited! Can you tell? We've waited on this dog longer than we waited on any of our babies! LOL! 11 months! Wow! It's happening.

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