Thursday, March 26, 2009


Whew! I promised, so here it is....We LOVE Koolio. He's really an amazing animal and has quickly fit into our family in a way that we'd never have imagined. Our lives are definately changed! Hannah has warmed up to him nicely and thoroughly enjoys bossing him around. It's not unusual for us to hear her saying, "Koo Yoo, NO! Koo Yoo Down! Koo Yoo, Sit!" LOL! He's always got his ear and eyes tuned her way no matter what he's doing. It's pretty awesome!

We had a great trip home and are slowly getting settled in at home. We hit the floor running and have been terribly busy since returning home, but hopefully this weekend we can get caught up on some things. That would be a great feeling.

On Monday Koolio took Hannah to school and met her teachers and classmates. He spent the rest of the day home with me and was constantly looking for his girl. He was rather mopey even. He was very happy when it was time to go get her and so was I! He's much like having a toddler and he gets bored occassionally.

Tuesday we decided to do a half day stint at school. It started out a little rough in that a couple of the boys in Hannah's class really wanted to be able to play with the dog and the teacher was trying to establish the rules with them, and well, new rules require new "fights". LOL! I felt so bad because I wanted them to be able to play with Koolio but also knew that for him to do his job effectively the rules had to be established first. I really think it went well and had expected the adjustment to be much worse than it was. First I took Koolio to Mrs. Skelton's class so they could meet him. That is the regular ed class Hananh does her inclusion in and I couldn't believe how well the kids behaved. They were incredible and so informed and willing to do whatever they needed to so the dog could do his job! They wrote a social story about the dog working and not petting him and being able to pet him later when he wasn't working. It is great! They also have signs to put in his pouch so the kids can visually see that Koolio is working and then when they can pet him and play with him they put a sign in saying they can play with him. Oh, and when the kids did get a chance to pet the dog they all sat around him and it was exciting to watch Koolio lean towards Hannah for lovin'! We left before lunch and went home. Again Koolio moped some but he slept alot. He was tired. LOL!

Wednesday I had an appointment in Arlington so Koolio went with me. He took Hannah to school but then went on to my appointment with me and then went with me to pick Hannah up. He was pretty mopey and looking for her alot.

Today we took him again for half a day and I could not believe how great the morning went. Mrs. Mobley handled Koolio for the most part. She did great. Koolio didn't heel with her as well as I'd like him to but I think a little practice and he'll do fine. He did sit and down for her quite well. He tried her a few times by getting up or doing his belly crawl, but she was able to put him back in his down and it worked great! We left around noon and he spent the afternoon being bad (chewing toys), and moping for his girl until it was time to pick her up. We'll probably do a repeat of this tomorrow.

Next week we go to the zoo one day so that should be interesting. I'll be sure to post about that!

It's time to go get Kyle from work so I'll have to pick up on this post later! Thanks for everything!

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