Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worth the Wait!

Koolio waiting patiently to meet his family

O.K. Would you let me go to them already????

Meeting Koolio!

This is my "Koo Yoo"!!!!

They brought me a squeaky ball!


Rachael said...

We are so glad that the trip went well and that yo are having a good time with the other families! We can't wait to meet Koolio, he is absolutley gorgeous!!!
Hugs all around!!
Rachael, Ruth Ann and the G.A.'s

Sally G said...

Ahhh, how great is that? I know you will be exhausted for the next 2 weeks! Go Koolio , go! We are pulling for you!
Sally, Margs and Emma

Shelby said...

Hannah & family,
So excited to hear about your day and to see the pics of you and Koolio - what a great looking dog! Sure hope things keep going smoothly & we are going to follow what is going on. Give a Koolio a big hug from us & take a look at those "In Training" dogs - because one is Sean's (we go next month)!!! Take care & can't wait to hear about tomorrow!

Shelby (Steve & Sean) Svendsen
Spring Loaded 2009