Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coming together....

Things are starting to come together. LOL! God's timing is so not my timing! Still it's perfect.

We have a van to take to Ohio. A friend had a friend who managed a dealership and they plead our case and was able to get one for us to use. I cannot tell you what a relief this is! We really appreciate all the help that has been sent our way to help make this a reality. This would not be happening if people didn't care and help. I've met some people through this process that I feel will be lifelong friends. I've watched as people contacted people who contacted people and the right amount of help at the right time came. Thank God for people who care! Thanks to all of you who had a part in making this happen for us!

I will be honest and say that this entire process has been a struggle for me. I've had to reject the idea that people do not care and embrace the idea that people do care and are willing to help. My pride has taken a huge hit(which it needed to take) as I'm a very independent person and this was a very dependent process. It was not going to happen without the help of others. From the beginning of this endeavor I tried to do my part. I tried to MAKE it happen. I'm not kidding when I say that every single thing I attempted to do was a complete flop! I spent alot of time despairing over the fact that OTHERS were doing this for Hannah, and not me. I wanted to provide this help for my daughter who is an amazing fighter and lover of life. I've finally came to the conclusion that this was one endeavor God wanted my paws off of. He was using this to SHOW me something. I've been horribly impatient but I think some of you would have been just as impatient in my shoes. I mean...come on....we get transportation settled THREE days before we're to leave! Talk about stressing! LOL! I've felt completely out of control of our lives since July. It's hard for me to feel like I have no control. And that's even with knowing that I pray every single night that God would order our steps. It's kind of crazy to pray that prayer and expect to still control your life, huh? I'm learning though. It's certainly a process.

In hindsight I can see that God's timing is perfect. Originally I so wanted Hannah to get Koolio in December. What a perfect Christmas gift to get her service dog at Christmas time! I was so disappointed when they put us in the March class but I accepted it. Now, I'm so thankful that we didn't go to Ohio in December! We had our last Christmas with Billie in 2008! We had a very relaxed, laid back and uneventful holiday and we were all together. I was here to order her gifts for everyone and wrap them for her. We were able to enjoy the holiday's! I'll never forget her face when she held up her stocking full of goodies and opened her watch that she had wanted so badly. Another thing I did not understand at the time was that we were supposed to move and it fell through. We had more time because we didn't make that move than we would have had. And finally we go get Koolio a couple weeks after we bury Billie. It's the perfect time for Hannah to get her new companion. It certainly won't take Billie's place but it will bring some comfort to hurting hearts. I only wish she was here to see him because she was so excited about him and amazed at what he could and would do.

I'm rambling again! Sorry! I'm not sure any of this makes any sense but maybe a little of it does. Thank everyone so much and please keep praying for us! We love y'all! Only three more days until we head to get Koolio (Koo Yoo)!!!!!

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